The word “handyman” is quite a demeaning term for a person who does a remarkable job with only a pair of hands and a few tools. Perhaps, the correct word to honor their expertise is calling them “Jack-of-all-trades” – the multi-faceted, skilled workers.

Despite their dexterity, handy-workers often find themselves stuck when looking for employment. Their jobs do not always require a savvy resume with a compelling cover-letter submitted online, nor do a call for an interview is overly common. In this article, we will cover the basic and most relevant channels that are meant to secure a gig in the repair/maintenance industry.

Filter the Search Engine 

Although the digital world is a crazy maze where one either wins the lottery or keeps spiraling into nowhere; we cannot undermine the significance of online platforms in the present day. This goes for job-hunting in all professions. So, while we know that online websites take time and do not guarantee employment, we still cannot do without these platforms.

The trick is to filter down the search bar and browse only those websites that are particularly seeking repair-persons of the industry., an expansive and exclusive job-hunting website has the option to narrow down the search by simplifying it through location and compensation options. Other such platforms where business owners and managers post listings for handymen jobs include Zip Recruiter, Thumbtack and Simply Hired. Make sure you check these out in the filtered setting to score a gig.

Self-Promote Your Services 

Applicable to many occupations, the best means to go about attracting clientele is via self-promoting services and presenting yourself as the brand. For a handyman, this can be done by building a website, however low-budgeted, to showcase their portfolios.

Design the website keeping the nature of your work in mind, which is domestic and commercial repair/maintenance. You can even make tabs for every facet of your past work; for instance, make a listing of previous experiences or skills under a “Plumbing” tab.

The purpose of building a personal website is to gain audiences and easily advertise your career. Another relevant channel is to adopt the old-school route – paper advertising. This includes printing business cards and putting ads in the newspaper.

Word-for-Word Marketing

Recommendation by a friend or a referral from a client is by far the best marketing channel for any occupation whatsoever, and even more so for handymen. People’s psyche is likely to believe in verbal approvals more as compared to the written advertisements. Rightly so; it upsurges the authenticity bar far above.

Whenever you complete a certain domestic or commercial project, make sure you advise your client to spread the word. Verbal endorsement by a client can open up an abundance of opportunities, which makes this method more effective than anything else. Do not shy in asking your friends and family as well to recommend your services – the perfect catch for handymen is to gain word-for-word clientele.

Spanning a wide range of repair/maintenance work, a handyman’s job is an evergreen one. The only thing they need to do is resort to the right channels.

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