There are many ways to get a close shave but getting the best shave at the best price makes a big difference. There are many razor blade suppliers, both online and in brick and mortar stores, that can make the savvy shaver’s head spin. The bottom line is you can get a razor just about anywhere. Prices vary, quality varies and customer service varies. Most recently, online shave clubs like Harry’s Shave Club and Gillette Shave Club have started popping up and promising quality products with convenient, right-to-your door delivery, but there are many options when choosing to buy your razors in bulk online and at a discount. Here are the top online places to buy bulk razors and razor cartridges to help save you money on your next shave!

First, Razors Direct is a very competitive player in the online razor market. Their motto is “simply a better way to buy razors,” promising 100 percent customer satisfaction and the best prices on both men’s and women’s favorite shaving products, including razors, bulk razor packs and difficult-to-find razor specialty items. They realize that shaving is a personal experience and want to offer the best brands, latest technology, quality accessories, outstanding customer service and “superior shave” for the best price in the online market. And they do just that, as well as give back to their communities. Razors Direct donates thousands of razors and grooming products to those living in halfway houses and homeless shelters, as well as to numerous charitable organizations. They believe personal grooming is an important aspect of health and positive self-esteem, and by that one shave at at time can change the lifestyle, employment status and overall personal development of those in need.

Second up is Dorco, a leading distributor of razors, shaving products and accessories for both men and women since 1955. Their company started in South Korea and is now headquartered in San Diego, CA. Today, Dorco is a household name in Asia and their market leader for disposable shaving merchandise, and is sold in more than 97 countries, including the United States. They are forward thinking innovators, introducing the world’s first six blade shaving system and patented an angulated blade. Dorco’s goals are to provide an exceptional shaving experience and a competitive price point (up to 75 Percent less) for each and every individual who uses their products. They invite consumers to feel the technology and value the difference. They are constantly improving their product line because they are devoted to their shaver with this mission statement: “Affordability and Quality Straight to Your Door Since 1955.”

Third and final on the list, Alibaba engages the power of the internet to distribute razors, razor blades and shaving accessories at highly-competitive prices. Alibaba, founded in 1999, is comprised of cloud computing, core commerce, digital media and other innovative initiatives making them an online leader for shaving merchandise. They have numerous products and services and enable businesses to buy at competitive, bulk prices and assist them to strengthen the way they operate, sell and market. Their name was carefully selected so it would be recognized worldwide bringing to mind, “open sesame” creative an open doorway for small business success. Alibaba’s offers 46,149 razor blade products and accessories at very competitive prices. Their success is built on the spirit on entrepreneurship, innovation and focus on meeting their customers needs. Alibaba believes teamwork enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Their tag line, “Global Trade Starts Here” is changing the way the world is buying and enjoying favorite products, including bulk razors and accessories.

No matter where you choose to shop when ordering your shaving supplies online in bulk, you’re sure to enjoy the cost-saving benefits and convenience of ordering your razors online and having supplies shipped right to your door. Happy shaving!

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